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Product Catalog 2023
New direction for supporting lightning protection system design!
Lightning rods
Lightning rods are used to perform horizontal runs and discharge conductors.
Lightning rods
These are used to protect facilities from the direct effects of lightning strikes.
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Our products

Grounding and
lightning protection

Lightning Arresters
and Isolated Systems

Horizontal Conductor Holders

Vertical surge protectors holders


Grounding and Equalizing Potentials

Grounding sets

Tools and accessories



All documentation is provided: work project, grounding passport, protocol that contains all grounding measurements.


The installation of lightning protection is covered under warranty. If needed, any of the protective elements can be supplemented or replaced.


Affordable prices. We provide this service at a reasonable price.

Our works

Catalog 2023

Product catalog 2023

We provide high-quality lightning protection materials and equipment, including ready-made sets and accessories for proper installation of a complete lightning protection system.

About the company

GROMTOR Sp. z o.o. produces high-quality lightning protection systems, trusted by distributors and contractors in Poland and 12 other countries. Our complete product offering, professional team, and efficient logistics support ensure reliable operation of the lightning protection system. We offer technical support for the design and installation of grounding systems, conductors, and accessories.

High quality

Weather conditions and atmospheric phenomena belong to the category of those that cannot be predicted. We ensure maximum protection of facilities against the destructive impact of discharges. The constant process of product development and company improvement makes us confident in the reliability of our systems.

Our past actions and developed solutions have made us a successful producer that strengthens its position in the market. The dynamic development of the range of products and high quality of services are confirmed by numerous positive customer reviews, as well as obtained certificates for all product groups.

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from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM